101 in 1001 Days

As a lazy girl, I need lots of motivation.  so this will be where I keep my 101 things that I want to complete in 1001 days (i.e. Friday, November 22, 2013) from today February 25, 2011.

I will see how it goes.

1. Clear out the storage – i.e. chuck old notes from highschool and college and stuffed animal from god knows when

2. Prepare for LSAT and LNAT and write either one or both – yeah for more school… like for the fourth degree

3. Become a runner – i.e. run 10km + in one session outside – not on a treadmill

4. Go to the Gym at least 3 times a week for one month (started 110309,

5. Apply for law schools  (changed to any school… interior design, culinary art, or spanish… or whatever – edited April 14, 2011) (and get accepted!!!!)  Here I come my 4th degree (or I might just settle for a diploma 🙂 – edited April 14, 2011)!!!

6. Hit 20000 shot counts with 30D and 10000 in NEX5 – this will enable me to buy the upgrade camera (currently thinking 5D Mark II)

7. Create the website for my company (jaek.co) – at least have something up!!!

8. Travel / Visit 9 more new places

9. Visit Korea

10. Establish an English blog with a focus on food – maintain for 12 months (2/12)

11. Weigh 122 lbs

12. Weigh 115 lbs

13. Have guest(s) over once every month (2/33 – this is going really well… so I don’t need to keep counting 🙂 – edited April 14, 2011)

14. No fastfood for a month

15. Take yoga classes for a month (well sign up and actually go to classes)

16. Go for a honeymoon at some exotic place – well we are practically married and I have a ring to prove it? (Joking aside, I think parents still want a small ceremony.. but after that…)

17. Try at least one new place to eat every month (2/33 – this is going really well 🙂 – edited April 14, 2011)

18. No junk food for a month – no chips, no candy, no nothing

19. Drink 8 glasses of water every day for two weeks

20. Get blogging partner(s) in crime

21. Pick a cook book and cook 25 recipes from the book (I bought Vij’s at Home and tried 1/25 so far)

22. One fine dining every month (i.e. Stop being so cheap!!!) (1/33 – well been to GoldFish (110407)… does that count?)

23. Learn to use a photo post-processing software i.e. photoshop or aperture or lightroom

24. Have an indoor herb garden – at least three herbs (mint, basil, chives, and maybe lavender? ok that’s four)

25. Paint on a canvas

26. Go to Europe with Mom


hmmm that’s it for today 110414




2 thoughts on “101 in 1001 Days

  1. i think this list is a brilliant idea… it’s something i would very much like to do, however, i need some motivation to stop surfing and make an actual to-do list (or feed my child)…!

    If you want to switch cook books, I recommend Gordon Ramsay’s Cooking for Friends or Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles, you can easily find 25 very doable recipes.


    Posted by mo | March 15, 2011, 2:14 am

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