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Eating Healthy, Yaletown, Z-Project Challenge

Quick Healthy Lunch – Less than 350 kcal

For my Eating Healthy challenge, one of the things that I am trying to stay more focused is packing lunches for work.  But I am lazy… as my alias suggests so I decided to keep some sandwich ingredients at work.  Nothing too much or too fancy.  So the things I keep at my work fridge are:

  • a loaf of multigrain (or flax seed) bread
  • some lean sandwich meat (cold cut)
  • organic baby greens
  • a small jar of dijon mustard
  • a small jar of reduced fat mayo
  • a small containerful of balsamic vinegar
  • a few small apples and baby carrots for munching

And on top of that, I bring some cut fruits or salad.  Today, I brought tabbouleh (a very simplified version… nonetheless, it tasted great) salad to go with my sandwich (I skipped mayo on my sandwich).

So here is the lunch…

Day 2 Lunch

Sandwich, Apple and Tabbouleh Salad

Not too bad?  Eating all of these items keep you pretty full and happy.

I hope I keep up through the weekend.
ps. Blackberry does NOT take good pictures.. -_-;;


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