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The Well on Main – a great spot for informal gathering

Somehow, the Well is one of those spots that I end up more often (my other posting on the Well can be found here).  Probably because it has been approved by my picky partner, Dam.  He likes the food, he feels comfortable, he wants to keep going back. This time, I had the halibut burger on their … Continue reading

Hurricane Grill Marinaside

Sometimes you want to go where every body knows your name.  And they’re always glad that you came… Well it’s not EXACTly like this but the Hurricane Grill Marinaside is the pub that me and Dam go to get a pint of beer.  Our previous place was a block away and now it’s like three blocks away since … Continue reading

Spring Clean Up

It’s not really about the spring clean up but since Dam and I moved a couple of weeks ago, we really needed to unpack. I am someone who is definitely a pack rat.  Well I am not THIS bad, but I have come close especially when I was living at Totem Park during my university … Continue reading

The Edge Cafe – Pleasant Brunch Experience

On Urbanspoon website, I keep a long (and getting longer) wishlist of places that I want to try.  The list is getting really really long, which makes me feel I am fortunate to live in a city where there are tones of good places to go, but also makes me feel a bit discouraged. Today … Continue reading

Got a New Convection Oven!!!!!

Ok I am not much of a cooking type.  I do ok… I have a knack for putting some ingredients together and make something edible (even nice at times).  My mom thinks I am talented in the kitchen but it’s my mom.  🙂 Anyhow, I like stove-top cooking but I am not much of a baker.  Maybe … Continue reading

Cho Sun BBQ – Great Food and Good Service

There are enough Korean restaurant in Vancouver.  Although the ratio of Japanese restaurant to Korean restaurant is surprisingly high (it’s like 5:1).  (Don’t we have tones of Korean people in Vancouver?) Anyhow, stil I don’t think there are that many good Korean restaurants.  They are all ok I guess as far as food goes.  As … Continue reading

Saffron – decent Indian food in Burnaby

Living with someone who is English means that you MUST eat Indian food a lot.  For some reason, the UK has picked up Indian food (well they call it “curry”) as their nation’s food.  Anyhow, for this reason I eat more than enough share of Indian food and fortunately, I don’t mind it. There are … Continue reading

The Well on Main – great food and friendly service

My latest posting on the Well can be found here. If there wasn’t this party, for which the whole place was booked, I would have never gone in there. The Well is located on Main Street nearing many other cute independent restaurants.  From the outside, it looks quite humble, not very attractive. But food is … Continue reading

blah blah blah

ok here i go with my daily blahs – my industy project report is still not completed.  it MUST be completed by next TUESDAY!!! NO MORE EXTENSION!!!  I MUST MUST MUST finish this. – another weekend of full classes.  I guess this will be my second last full weekend of classes.  I am not looking … Continue reading

IKEA Coquitlam – big bang for your buck

After this home condo buying… (although the bank owns 80% of it)…  My partner, Dam and I have become house-poor.  I mean seriously…. Anyways, I don’t mind it so much because I love our new place.  However, we have to count our dollars and stuff, i.e. we have to live more efficiently.  One of few faults that … Continue reading