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blah blah blah

ok here i go with my daily blahs

– my industy project report is still not completed.  it MUST be completed by next TUESDAY!!! NO MORE EXTENSION!!!  I MUST MUST MUST finish this.

– another weekend of full classes.  I guess this will be my second last full weekend of classes.  I am not looking forward to it because I am pretty tired from moving and “trying” to finish my industry project.

– on Saturday, there is a Valentine day girls’ day night out.  I am almost tempted to bail out because of… my industry project.  ARGH….  I must get it done before it kills me.

– unpacking is still not done.  the moving containers that we borrowed from my coworker… well I hope she doesn’t need them soon because I am not unpacking until… yup you got it “MY INDUSTRY PROJECT IS DONE!!!”

– it’s quite cold but sunny.  our balcony of new place gets lots of sun… sun…. I love sun.

– I really really want to be a runner one day.  Am thinking maybe buying a book that can teach me how to run.  like… this one.  The Non-Runner’s Marathon trainer… what a perfect title for someone like me.  But then sure.. buying a book is easy… following the book… is hard…

– so now… priorities are school, work, and unpacking…  *sigh*




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