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Main Street, V-Vancouver

The Well on Main – great food and friendly service

My latest posting on the Well can be found here.

If there wasn’t this party, for which the whole place was booked, I would have never gone in there.

The Well is located on Main Street nearing many other cute independent restaurants.  From the outside, it looks quite humble, not very attractive.

But food is much better than what the place looks like.

Last time we went, some mussel dish was on special – I am really bad with remembering dish names. It was tomato based sauce with chorizo saussages.  It was a big portion and tasted fantastic.

We also ordered Insalate di Mista ($7.95) because I wanted to get some veggies.  It was quite tasty but I found it had a bit too much olive oil but that’s just my preference.

Also, for the main, we ordered a cornish game hen dish, which was on special.  It was a bit more pricythan other menu items but it was tender and juicy and the cornish game hen was so large.  And all sides that came with tasted nice as well.

Overall it was a nice meal for two of us.


  • Taste: 4/5
  • Value:3.5/5
  • Convenience: 4/5 (If you don’t mind walking for a couple block or so, it’s relatively easy to find street parking)
  • Atmosphere: 3/5 (Not much atmosphere for the price of the food)
  • Staff: Friendly enough
  • Overall: I would recommend it for good food

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