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Mount Pleasant, V-Vancouver

The Edge Cafe – Pleasant Brunch Experience

On Urbanspoon website, I keep a long (and getting longer) wishlist of places that I want to try.  The list is getting really really long, which makes me feel I am fortunate to live in a city where there are tones of good places to go, but also makes me feel a bit discouraged.

The Edge Cafe - Salmon Lox on Bagel

Today I finally got to try one of the places from my wishlist.  The Edge Cafe in Mount Pleasant area (near between Cambie / Main and north of Broadway)…

I am not super familiar with this area so when we got to the area, I wasn’t quite sure where to park.  So we ended up parking in front of the cafe… at a metre… I don’t like paying for parking but I wasn’t quite sure if I could find free street parking around.  Also, the weather was quite crappy so I thought, ok I will pay $2 thinking “it’d better be worth it…”

And guess what?  It was.  It was totally worth it.  It was a cute cafe and it was packed so we were asked if we wanted to wait for a table to free up or if it would be ok to sit at a bar table (? is that what they are called?  looking out the window?).  Anyways, we got coffee and this lady who served us was very nice and friendly and asked us if we had been there before.  She told us a bit about the cafe and the coffees they serve.

We got one medium roast and one dark roast.  Both were really good but I preferred the dark roast.

The Edge Cafe - Tex-Mex Scramble

Then we ordered brunch items.  I didn’t want something big so I got the salmon lux on a bagel.  Dam got Tex-Mex Scaramble.  Neither of them was too much food.  I think it was just right.  And both tasted really nice.

Dam also enjoyed this place and he expressed that he would like to come to this place again.  This was a big compliment coming from Dam because he is the kind of person who likes to stick to the restaurants that he had approved already.


  • Taste: 4/5 (It was good. 🙂 )
  • Value:3.5/5
  • Convenience: 4/5 (close to a sky train station but parking was not too good if you are looking for free spots but then there are no more free spots in the city any more…)
  • Atmosphere: 4/5
  • Staff: Very friendly and knowledgeable
  • Overall: 4/5 Definitely will come back for more pleasant brunch experiences

The Edge Cafe on Urbanspoon

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