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Spring Clean Up

It’s not really about the spring clean up but since Dam and I moved a couple of weeks ago, we really needed to unpack.

I am someone who is definitely a pack rat.  Well I am not THIS bad, but I have come close especially when I was living at Totem Park during my university years (that was such a long time ago, haha).  I am not sure if this is due to laziness OR I just get way too sentimental about my belongings.  Probably both. 

However, one of my new year’s resolutions (yes I am a kind of person who set these up twice every year: once on New Year’s Day and the other on Chinese New Year – Korean’s follow the same Lunar month calendar for our New Year) is “learn to throw out.”

Yup, I need to learn to throw out.  Well not necessarily in a garbage bin but I want to learn to:

  1. Identify items that I seldom use
  2. Determine if it is an item that might be a use to someone else
  3. Find someone whom I know, might want to adopt the item,
  4. Or find a donation box or place where the item is accepted…

During this move (packing AND unpacking), I identified 47 pairs of shoes that Dam and I don’t wear much at all.  And at the pay parking lot between Seymour and Richards (and Smithe and Nelson?  Not sure), I found a clothing donation bin for BC Children’s hospital and put all the shoes in there – I hope they count shoes as clothing…. Now I am worried.

I still have loads to go through.  So much clothes that I don’t wear – some because I never really like them in the first place (if something is on a big sale, I HAVE to buy it.  This is an illness I know…) or some because I kind of grew out of the style.

So I will see when I can get around to getting rid of clothing.  🙂


Also updated “About LCG“…. Hmm I am still getting used to this blog…



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