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City Counsel Voted Against the Fancy Casino and Hotels

Ok I live in Yaletown.  And I LOVE Yaletown.  I actually think it is the best neighbourhood in the city (if you don’t mind not owning a detached house and high prices for condos).  I lived in Vancouver for about 13 years of past 16 years.  I consider a Vancouverite (yes it was painful to watch the Canucks’ game last night).

As much as I love this city, I think this city can be more vibrant.  I don’t mean the city needs more casinos for people to gamble their monies away.  But how many people know that there is the Edgewater Casino on the False Creek North?  And it’s across from the BC Place – which is getting one heck of an ugly make-over but that’s a story for some other time.  I have a few friends who were born and raised in Vancouver.  They don’t even know that there is a casino next to the BC place. 

I am not advocating for a casino.  I think Vancouver could definitely benefit from spicing up.  The plan that was floating around for the longest time was that the Edgewater casino will move away from its current waterfront location next to the BC place.  This plan also included two hotels – one four star and the other three star hotels accompanied by nice shops and restaurants.  I know that some people might think there are already too many expensive restaurants.  I am not agreeing with that.  But if this plan was nicely executed, I think it would have given a nice uplift in the neighbourhood. 

I must say, I am quite disappointed with the city counsel’s decision.  I know it was going to be about a $500M capital project but I think it would have created more jobs and more revenue for the city.  And add more vibrancy to the downtown area.  There are lots of people who find the city lovely and livable and all but there are equally many people who find this city BORING! 

In addition, currently I feel there is void – not much is going on between the casino parking lot to the Science world.  This is a prime real estate for the city.  Why not develop it and make it much more attractive so that the city can collect more tax to make up for their loss from the Olympic Village?

Does it not make sense?  It does to me. 




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