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City Counsel Voted Against the Fancy Casino and Hotels

Ok I live in Yaletown.  And I LOVE Yaletown.  I actually think it is the best neighbourhood in the city (if you don’t mind not owning a detached house and high prices for condos).  I lived in Vancouver for about 13 years of past 16 years.  I consider a Vancouverite (yes it was painful to watch … Continue reading

Georgia Straight Best List

Yeah I have been lazy… but busy as well. And being on a tight budget and living a very mundane life doesn’t really allow me with many opportunities to blog about my dining out experience. Anyhow, I came across this list… the city’s best… apparently… so I will keep it here for my future reference.  … Continue reading

la brasserie

Spring Clean Up

It’s not really about the spring clean up but since Dam and I moved a couple of weeks ago, we really needed to unpack. I am someone who is definitely a pack rat.  Well I am not THIS bad, but I have come close especially when I was living at Totem Park during my university … Continue reading

Got a New Convection Oven!!!!!

Ok I am not much of a cooking type.  I do ok… I have a knack for putting some ingredients together and make something edible (even nice at times).  My mom thinks I am talented in the kitchen but it’s my mom.  🙂 Anyhow, I like stove-top cooking but I am not much of a baker.  Maybe … Continue reading

blah blah blah

ok here i go with my daily blahs – my industy project report is still not completed.  it MUST be completed by next TUESDAY!!! NO MORE EXTENSION!!!  I MUST MUST MUST finish this. – another weekend of full classes.  I guess this will be my second last full weekend of classes.  I am not looking … Continue reading

Eeeeekkkkk… Moving This Saturday

So me and my partner, Dam, we are moving to a few blocks down of the same street.  Well almost.. it’s 800m away from where we are now.  And actually I am not quite clear if we live in Yaletown.  Well definitely close to Yaletown.. but I think it’s called more like “False Creek North.” … Continue reading

Being a Lazy Food blogger

Today is 13th day since Year 2011 started.  And I did promise myself to be more of a deligent blogger in this year (a bit contradictory to my alias but still).  My goal was to post every other day but yeah… that hasn’t happened. I know it is going to sound like an excuse but … Continue reading

Hello World!!

Today is Christmas Eve yet I want to advance my welcome of 2011.  I expect many many changes in 2011, all good changes. In upcoming 2011, I will be starting my food and life blog here at Lazy City Girl.  Stay tuned!!! (If you would like to learn more about me please contact me at lazycitygirl@gmail.com) LCG