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Saffron – decent Indian food in Burnaby

Living with someone who is English means that you MUST eat Indian food a lot.  For some reason, the UK has picked up Indian food (well they call it “curry”) as their nation’s food.  Anyhow, for this reason I eat more than enough share of Indian food and fortunately, I don’t mind it. There are … Continue reading

T&T Metrotown for Cheap Lunch – Sticky Rice Wrap

Working at a mall has some merits but after awhile, it’s not that exciting. One can only eat at a mall food court so many times. I worked at the Metrotown for many years.  And often I went to T&T to get cheap decent lunch.  One of my favorite is sticky rice wrap.  There are a … Continue reading

Earls on Kingsway Good food, good crowd… – Hunan Kung Pao Noodles

Many people have certain opinions/ prejudice about franchise restaurants.  I tend to be pretty lenient.  My philosophy is that if they can provide good food with good ambiance at a decent price, why not.  I don’t care too much if the dishes are all cookie-cutter types throughout the whole franchise.  To me that means consistence… and … Continue reading