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The Well on Main – a great spot for informal gathering

Somehow, the Well is one of those spots that I end up more often (my other posting on the Well can be found here).  Probably because it has been approved by my picky partner, Dam.  He likes the food, he feels comfortable, he wants to keep going back. This time, I had the halibut burger on their … Continue reading

Hurricane Grill Marinaside

Sometimes you want to go where every body knows your name.  And they’re always glad that you came… Well it’s not EXACTly like this but the Hurricane Grill Marinaside is the pub that me and Dam go to get a pint of beer.  Our previous place was a block away and now it’s like three blocks away since … Continue reading

The Edge Cafe – Pleasant Brunch Experience

On Urbanspoon website, I keep a long (and getting longer) wishlist of places that I want to try.  The list is getting really really long, which makes me feel I am fortunate to live in a city where there are tones of good places to go, but also makes me feel a bit discouraged. Today … Continue reading

Cho Sun BBQ – Great Food and Good Service

There are enough Korean restaurant in Vancouver.  Although the ratio of Japanese restaurant to Korean restaurant is surprisingly high (it’s like 5:1).  (Don’t we have tones of Korean people in Vancouver?) Anyhow, stil I don’t think there are that many good Korean restaurants.  They are all ok I guess as far as food goes.  As … Continue reading

The Well on Main – great food and friendly service

My latest posting on the Well can be found here. If there wasn’t this party, for which the whole place was booked, I would have never gone in there. The Well is located on Main Street nearing many other cute independent restaurants.  From the outside, it looks quite humble, not very attractive. But food is … Continue reading

The Sandbar – Lovely Service and Atmosphere but Ok food

This was one of those places that somehow I had never been.  It was quite weird actually because I love trying out new places including the ‘hole-in-the-wall’ type of places.  And the Sandbar is one of more popular hangout joints.  But I guess in Vancouver, there are too many places to try and one doesn’t … Continue reading

Quick Healthy Lunch – Less than 350 kcal

For my Eating Healthy challenge, one of the things that I am trying to stay more focused is packing lunches for work.  But I am lazy… as my alias suggests so I decided to keep some sandwich ingredients at work.  Nothing too much or too fancy.  So the things I keep at my work fridge … Continue reading

Project Challenge – Day 1 of Healthy Eating

So Day 1 of healthy eating wasn’t too bad.  I think because I completely stuffed myself on the previous day (ok I was really really stressed!!!) I didn’t get too hungry. I didn’t crave for too much junk food either.  In fact, my body WANTED some healthy food.  Interesting… So as I was saying yesterday, … Continue reading

Project Challenge – 30 Days of Eating Healthy

So here it is.  I have been kind of chubby all my life. I am definitely not “fat” or in North American standard, overweight in any way.  Let’s say my BMI is around 22, which is well within a normal range.  But I am Asian (Korean to be more specific) and we Asians tend to be … Continue reading

Pan-seared Prosciutto-wrapped Halibut with Summer Veg Confit – Indishpensable

Thought it would be just perfect to start my food blog with this halibut dish, which I cooked.  Yes!  Me, the lazy city girl I cooked it.  With lots of help from Indish… You go to one of Indish stores, you pick out a recipe you would like to try, and pay for it.  Every … Continue reading