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Quick Healthy Lunch – Less than 350 kcal

For my Eating Healthy challenge, one of the things that I am trying to stay more focused is packing lunches for work.  But I am lazy… as my alias suggests so I decided to keep some sandwich ingredients at work.  Nothing too much or too fancy.  So the things I keep at my work fridge … Continue reading

Project Challenge – Day 1 of Healthy Eating

So Day 1 of healthy eating wasn’t too bad.  I think because I completely stuffed myself on the previous day (ok I was really really stressed!!!) I didn’t get too hungry. I didn’t crave for too much junk food either.  In fact, my body WANTED some healthy food.  Interesting… So as I was saying yesterday, … Continue reading

Project Challenge – 30 Days of Eating Healthy

So here it is.  I have been kind of chubby all my life. I am definitely not “fat” or in North American standard, overweight in any way.  Let’s say my BMI is around 22, which is well within a normal range.  But I am Asian (Korean to be more specific) and we Asians tend to be … Continue reading